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The city of Santa Clarita is in the very northern part of Los Angeles County where suburban sprawl vomits out onto Interstate 5. The city is comprised of the smaller communities of Saugus, Canyon Country, Newhall and Valencia, which is where my wife and I have lived for most of the last 7 years. If you’ve ever driven north on the 5 on your way out of Southern California, you’ve passed our main drag; Magic Mountain Parkway which is named for a historic and bloody act of Chaos Magick that occurred not far from where the the exit ramp stands today.

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It's fun to torture friends...

I'm sorry... I know this is wrong but I think it's brilliant. Some guy hooked four of his friends up to electro-stim units controlled by some sort of sequencer (fetishmystique will know what this is I'm sure). It's like a facial ballet. It might be a bit too long for some but be patient and get through the first 30 seconds....

Course in Miracles

I just found this on a sheet of paper that my friend MItch gave me when I was in the loony bin:

Give up Judgement
As in condemnation
Increase Judgment
As in Discernment
And ask only for
Exactly what you want
In every situation

From A Course in Miracles

Life is really excellent

No more loony bin...  LIfe is good.

Sasha is coming home today.  Woooooooot!  My meds work.  Double wooooooot!

I loveledasgirl ....  She loves me!  Fuckin-A Wooooooot.

Sooooo tired.....

Oh so very tired.....

I don't sleep past 5:30AM anymore.  I physically can't. 

I get out of bed... Have coffee.... Feed and walk Hankie...  And go to work.  By 7:30 this morning, I had written a rough draft of a case study and done the dishes from last night's feast .

While the productivity is lovely, I'm tired by 9. 

I want my old slothey ways back!

However, I'm excited.  A (my 15 year old stepson) is graduating from Garage Band to Logic.  We're heading to the Apple Store to pick up a copy in a few minutes.  I just want to say how proud I am of this kid.  He just does stuff without much fuss.  He's pretty fearless and launches himself head long into the fray.  I wish I was that way when I was fifteen.

Update on our liittle community.....

A judge has accepted Landsource's request for chapter 11 restructuring and has given Barclay's bank to free up the operating capitol that they need to complete the job.  When I inquired at he sales office, they still could not tell me when the shared amenities would be complete.

Feeling like a painful fucking was coming our way, I had a friend take the tour of the model homes here and ask about the pool and it's supposed completion. They also got the price sheet for the complex which turned out to be bad news.

First of all, despite the freed-up capital,the three pools will not be done until next summer. Again... We were told that they'd be done this last May.  This is amazing to me since most of the project is apparently complete based on the view from outside.  The second problem is that the price sheet indicates that prices for a comparable model to our home has dropped ten percent since we bought eight months ago.  This is no doubt due to a combination of general economic factors and Lanna dropping the price in order to sell in this market where no one gets a mortgage. 

I know the president is not the Commander and Chief of the economy and that our economy is based on market forces BUT he and his have gone a long fucking way in creating the environment where this can happen.  I was sick of them before this all happened to to us.  Now I'm doubly sure that if McBrain gets elected I'm learning French and we're moving to Montreal.

Note to self: double the amount of calls you make for Obama...  Not THAT enamored of French food.

I'll post some good news later....  I'm just getting up and cranky.... 

The No-Poop Zone: colorofchange.org

I love the colorofchange.com campaign to bitch-slap Fox Noise ifor their incredibly racist actions including referring to Michelle Obama as Barack's baby momma, referring to Lynching Parties and the use of  other inflammatory and racist terminology.


Stand by colorofchange.org to help make Fox and friends accountable for their racists mudslinging propaganda that they spin on behalf of the white house and consrvative republicans.

The truth is that the  REPUBLICANS  CAN'T WIN A CAMPAIGN RUN ON THE ISSUES. They know they'll lose on the issues and therefore must run a campaign based on lies, disassembly, revisionism and baseless attacks

Spaghetti Western Orchestra


Lennar Homes sucks big moose cock!

Ahhh... Life in Santa Clarita!!!

So... When we bought this place the community wasn't completely built. It's still not completely built and the fact that the company that's responsible for all of the common areas has filed for Chapter 11 restructuring is not going to help matters.

The pool and recreation center were supposed to be complete by May. Because of the bankruptcy proceedings, we're not going to see a pool here until after the summer at best.

The builder, Lennar, sent us a letter offering us passes for two to the local "Aquatic Center" which is a lovely way of saying public pool. As an option to that they offered us passes for two to Hurricane Harbor - the local water park. Wowee!

I was moved to write a letter today to the Regional VP of Lennar thanking him for his magnonimity in making that gesture. It's some of the funniest shit I've written lately. I hope the asshole enjoys it.