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This is the day we planned our east coast trip around.

At 10:30 AM we'll cast off from Rye Harbor, NH for the Isle of Shoals - otherwise known as Appledore Island. This Island in the Gulf of Maine is the home of Shoals Marine Laboratory and is also the place where we scattered my father's ashes in 1997. Today we're bringing my mother's ashes there for scattering. Sweet Irma died in October but I've waited until now for the weather to warm up here.

We've been on a road trip that included Vermont and Western Massachusetts. I've scattered some of her ashes in places along the way that meant a lot to her. We climbed to Dear Leap in the Green Mountains and walked the grounds of Emily Dickinson's house in Amherst, Massachusetts; both places she visited and loved. The visit to Emily's house was the most emotional for me thus far. It just felt right. Mom was a bird lover. I followed a jay as it hopped into the woods and scattered some remains where it took off. I know I sensed my mom relaxing when I did that.

I'm curious as to what my emotions will be like today. L and I will be with our friends David and Flora with whom we've been traveling. We'll also be joined by my brother Joe and his girlfriend of quite a few years, Paula. So far, I've felt like I've had the emotional ground to myself but I'm happy that Joe will get his chance to say goodbye too.

Several emotional layers were added a few days ago when my friend Jerry died after a long bout with cancer. Jerry was a close friend of both David and I. Jerry and I had had a falling out but had patched it up as recently as this year. Dave had remained in contact with him throughout and had been to Jerry's recent book release party. He had tried over the years to get Jerry and me to clear the air and we did partly due to his efforts.

It's ironic that David and I were together when I got the call from Jerry's sister. Dave and I live on opposite sides of the country and it was only for the trip to scatter my mom's ashes that we were in the same place at the same time.

When we climbed Deer Leap in Vermont we built a small stone cairn for Jerry right next to Leda's cairn for AJRose93.

It's been some week I tell you.

Thanks for reading the scattered thoughts.
What a bunch of crappy irony!

I don't even know where to begin... I don't think I'm going to try at this moment...

All I can say is this year has begun to wear out its welcome. Another person who was very dear to me has died. I'm tired of this.

I knew he was sick... He's been sick for a few years... But this came like a kick in the balls.

Jerry was a collaborator and an inspiration.

What a fucking tragedy that he died when he was just getting going. What utterly unfair bullshit!

The Untimely Death of an Extraordinary Man

Super Bob Bon

I didn't know this video existed. Made my day! Now I can get to work. I wonder were I can find those tall pants. Big and Tall Shop?


Fucking memes... I hate them and have vowed in the past not to indulge in them. After all... If you don't have anything to say, why let some stupid fortune cookie thing speak for you? And after all... I ganked this from the millionth one of my friends that has it in their journal so I'm not even an original meme-er.

That having been said....

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. elections score: 6
2. congress score: 5
3. sex workers rights score: 5
4. human waste project score: 5
5. community building score: 4
6. national security score: 4
7. lili haydn score: 4
8. plain fried rice score: 4
9. tobey torres score: 4
10. paz lenchantin score: 4
11. hillary clinton score: 4
12. college republicans score: 4
13. perry farrell score: 4
14. moon theory score: 4
15. aimless driving score: 4
16. bad 80s music score: 4
17. lipstick lesbians score: 4
18. ramones covers score: 4
19. porno for pyros score: 4
20. binging and purging score: 4

Here's what I have to say about the results....

Yes to the elelctions... Yes to congress... I am politics junkie after all. Hells yeah to Sex Worker's Rights....

The human waste project? What is that and does it have anything to do with that awful "Two Girls One Cup" video?

Community building? Sure... Why not....

National security... Hmm... That one scares me... I guess it depends on what you're doing in the name of national security....

Absofuckinglutely NO to Plain Fried Rice! It MUST have all the goodies in it.

Who are lili haydn, tobey torres and paz lenchantin???? Until I find out I say NONONONO!

I'm only interested in college republicans or hillary clinton if the College republicans are being chased by a steamroller crewed by naked sex crazed college democrats while hillary is strapped to a pole at the top of the steamroller like a sail with a ballgag in her mouth and the whole thing is being propelled by her hot air... I just free-associated that and I'm not going to delete it... I don't care if it's stupid....

Perry Farrel, moon theory, aimless driving and bad 80's music... yes, sure, absolutely and uh huh....

Lipstick Lesbians.... You betcha!

Porno for Pyros and anything to do with the Ramones is a YES.

And lastly... Binging and purging.... No so much.

Sorry I didn't hide this behind a cut.

But I didn't.

Hank Williams Junior Jr. the Cover Boiee

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com


Sorry for having posted a movie that auto-plays. It was annoying to me that it played every time I visited my own journal. Problem fixed.


Coming to a Television Near You

It occurs to me that I haven't posted some very big news. In a couple of months it will be possible for me (and you) to go to the local video store, iTunes, or OnDemand and view something that I spent a year and change of my life on...

"Permanent Vacation," directed by my very good friend Scott Peake and edited by me, will hit shelves/interwebs/cable boxes everywhere. After shopping it around for a year, Scott has found a great home-video distribution deal. Finally... I'm going to get paid!

You can go put it on your Netflix Queue now.



All We Are Saying...

Is Give Pits a Chance....

Adopt a Pit-head today.

Jun. 9th, 2008

Of course, my edit system went down ON the day I started to cut a project that has a deadline. I'm sick of being an I.T. guy just so I can do a little editing.

My assistant, Richard was chugging along digitizing footage. After about three hours of footage (out of 40) the system starts acting all ass-like. Refusing to pass audio along to my speakers, freezing, footage is getting corrupted.... Restart, restart, restart, restart.... Then nothing. Start and crash.

My system is a few years old. Its AppleCare agreement has expired. I can't afford the $6500 to buy a sexy new Intel Xeon 8-core Mac Pro tower. I spent all day Saturday trying to find a field tech that was available on short notice. They get abut $85/hr and this was going to be a long process. By the time all was said and done I'd probably be in for a grand.

Of course no one was going to be available until Tuesday. I decided to take the issue into my own hands. I spent the entire weekend backing up and wiping my system drive, installing fresh versions of the operating system and working software (installing final cut is akin to installing World of Warcraft.... Don't ask me how I know that...

So anyhow... as of last night, I was back in business. Saved myself at least a grand. Did it with a bare minimum of drama.

I'm digitizing as we speak. Started from scratch to minimize the possibilities of corrupted footage so I have a few days of work just to get the bulk of the master footage in and sent off to the client in DVD form.

Did I say I was happy as hell to be working?