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Lennar Homes sucks big moose cock!

Ahhh... Life in Santa Clarita!!!

So... When we bought this place the community wasn't completely built. It's still not completely built and the fact that the company that's responsible for all of the common areas has filed for Chapter 11 restructuring is not going to help matters.

The pool and recreation center were supposed to be complete by May. Because of the bankruptcy proceedings, we're not going to see a pool here until after the summer at best.

The builder, Lennar, sent us a letter offering us passes for two to the local "Aquatic Center" which is a lovely way of saying public pool. As an option to that they offered us passes for two to Hurricane Harbor - the local water park. Wowee!

I was moved to write a letter today to the Regional VP of Lennar thanking him for his magnonimity in making that gesture. It's some of the funniest shit I've written lately. I hope the asshole enjoys it.

July 7, 2008

Bob Tummolo
Regional Vice President
Lennar Homes
28460 Ave. Stanford
Suite 200
Valencia, CA 91355

Dear Bob,

Thank you for acknowledging the fact that the recreational facilities at West Creek are not yet complete. We are aware that unanticipated delays do arise however we’re very concerned and somewhat disturbed by the fact that Lennar cannot tell us WHEN the recreation center and club house will be completed.

All we have heard are promises that they WILL be open at some point. It is very unsettling to hear that Lennar’s explanation for the delay is that the company that is responsible for construction of common areas in our community (a company in which Lennar is a minority partner) has filed for Chapter 11 restructuring and is quite possibly not going to be able to continue or complete the job. What are you telling prospective buyers? I’m sure it’s difficult to sell homes when you aren’t quite sure when you’re going to complete a significant component of the community.

With all due respect Bob, a gift of two passes to the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center (for which we had already purchased passes because of the delays) is hardly fair compensation for the lack of a facility at which our family of four can recreate this summer. I won’t even go into the completely inappropriate optional offer of passes for two of us to queue up to get splashed at a crowded water park!

When Lennar sold us our condo, we anticipated that our family would have access to a pool and clubhouse at a location that we could walk or bike to, that offered hours of operation that were convenient to us. We anticipated that our family would be able to take a morning or evening swim or soak in the spa. We anticipated that we would have access to a pool that would not be accessible to every person from the greater Santa Clarita area who could pay the entry fee.

Instead what you have offered us are passes for two to an essentially public pool that is four and a half miles away, has limited hours, no clubhouse and no spa. We’re sorry to seem cynical, Bob, but this simply isn’t a very fair deal. When we purchased a condo from Lennar we were expressly told that there would be a recreation center available to us in our community this summer.

That you would offer this “gift” as compensation for not having “Delivered as Promised,” as the slogan of your recently purchased subsidiary Newhall Land says, is beyond ridiculous and unfair. Forgive us if this letter seems a tad curt, Bob. You might imagine that we were annoyed when we found out that our family of four would not have a community recreation center this summer as advertised. Can you imagine our anger at being offered passes for two to a public pool in return? Is this the “Logic of Lennar?”

Seriously, this is just as much about the value of our homes and the stability of the community as it is about the pool. I’m sure you’ll agree that we have a right to expect delivery on what we were sold. We’re very interested in hearing your thoughts at your earliest convenience. Best wishes for a very lovely summer.



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