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Update on our liittle community.....

A judge has accepted Landsource's request for chapter 11 restructuring and has given Barclay's bank to free up the operating capitol that they need to complete the job.  When I inquired at he sales office, they still could not tell me when the shared amenities would be complete.

Feeling like a painful fucking was coming our way, I had a friend take the tour of the model homes here and ask about the pool and it's supposed completion. They also got the price sheet for the complex which turned out to be bad news.

First of all, despite the freed-up capital,the three pools will not be done until next summer. Again... We were told that they'd be done this last May.  This is amazing to me since most of the project is apparently complete based on the view from outside.  The second problem is that the price sheet indicates that prices for a comparable model to our home has dropped ten percent since we bought eight months ago.  This is no doubt due to a combination of general economic factors and Lanna dropping the price in order to sell in this market where no one gets a mortgage. 

I know the president is not the Commander and Chief of the economy and that our economy is based on market forces BUT he and his have gone a long fucking way in creating the environment where this can happen.  I was sick of them before this all happened to to us.  Now I'm doubly sure that if McBrain gets elected I'm learning French and we're moving to Montreal.

Note to self: double the amount of calls you make for Obama...  Not THAT enamored of French food.

I'll post some good news later....  I'm just getting up and cranky.... 

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